Yatseniuk’s “Wall”: NABU having detained 8th participant of funds embezzlement scheme

On November 15, 2017, NABU and SAPO conducted a series of searches which resulted in detaining a person allegedly involved in a corruption scheme. The scheme was aimed at embezzlement of the state funds allocated for engineering and technical arrangement of the Ukrainian-Russian state border – the so-called “Wall” project.

According to NABU detectives, the detainee organized the acquisition of the company with signs of fictitiousness and during 2015-2016 encashed funds received from the companies contracted by the State Border Service of Ukraine for engineering and technical development of the border. In total 10 million UAH were converted into cash and subsequently seized by the participants of the criminal scheme.

In addition, NABU detectives seized more than 40 seals of enterprises with signs of fictitiousness, as well as several hundreds thousands UAH.

NABU started the investigation into the loss of state funds during the implementation of the “Wall” project in March 2016. According to the investigation, the state lost more than 16 million USD. Currently, seven participants of the money laundering scheme are arrested, the total amount of court-determined bails reached 25,5 million UAH.

The “Wall” project was initiated and highly-advertised by Arseniy Yatseniuk during his work as the Prime Minister of Ukraine.