The Verkhovna Rada deprived the SBU of improper functions in the economic sphere. What is changing?

Today, during consideration of the draft law 3087-d on the establishment of the Bureau of Economic Security, the Parliament supported amendments that eliminate mentions of unusual functions in the Law “On the Security Service of Ukraine”, as well as anti-corruption and counterintelligence departments on economic protection (which are known for interfering in business).

The SBU should liquidate departments and functionality regarding the fight against corruption and counterintelligence protection of the economy, which are known for putting pressure on business. The norms should come into force on the day of the launch of the Bureau of Economic Security, but not later than six months from the adoption of the law.

It is significant that Members of Parliament from the Opposition Platform For Life and “ProMedvedchuk” Member of Parliament from the party Servant of the People Oleksandr Kachura wanted to bring down these important amendments. We should note that the SBU itself was criticizing these amendments.

“It is important decision that still needs to be implemented. But now it finally demonstrates the will to deprive the SBU of improper functions. We are sure that the SBU will delay the process of establishment of the Bureau and try to roll back these changes. It is clear if today they are ready to kill each other in the department for influencing on this functionality and departments, stated the Member of the Board of the Anti-Corruption Action Center Olena Shcherban.

That is why general reform of the Security Service of Ukraine is needed, which should also include deprivation of the investigation. The special service must fight against terrorism, engage in counterintelligence, protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, and so on.

We should recall that “K” employees disclosed secret agents of the NABU who had been investigating the SBU-related schemes; employees of the department released international drug dealer at Boryspil airport; the department did not allow to include the company of Putin’s friend in the sanction list.

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