The Supreme Court closed the case regarding illegal appointment of Zhebrivskyi as NABU auditor

On September 6, the Supreme Court has decided to close the proceeding regarding recognition of the President’s decree concerning appointment of Pavlo Zhebrivskyi as NABU auditor as illegal and ineffective.

The court satisfied the appeal of the President’s representative regarding closure of proceeding, as the case allegedly cannot be considered in administrative court.

Earlier, the Supreme Court made the decision to open this proceeding upon the appeal of the Member of Parliament Serhii Vlasenko.

“Closure of the case regarding appeal against the President’s decree testifies about partiality of the court, since any other court is not authorized to decide this case”, said Vitaliy Tsokur, the AntAC’s a lawyer, who was present at the court hearing.

We should recall that Pavlo Zhebrivskyi was appointed to the position of NABU auditor according to the President’s decree which violates the Law.

Article 26 of the Law of Ukraine “On the National Anticorruption Bureau” clearly states that NABU auditor must have experience in foreign pre-trial investigation authorities, prosecution, courts or international organizations.

Pavlo Zhebrivskyi, according to his official biography, does not have such experience in foreign or international organizations.

On June 27, the Anticorruption Action Centre, Transparency International Ukraine, and AutoMaydan sued the President Petro Poroshenko due to the violation of the law and appointment of Pavlo Zhebrivskyi as NABU auditor.

However, the Supreme Court illegally refused to open the proceeding.

Activists are appealling the decision first in the Grand Chamber of the Supreme Court, and, if necessary, will go to the European Court of Human Rights.