The Rada fixed the appeals problem, but we are waiting for the final text

On July 12 the Parliament adopted draft law No.7441 on amendments to the law on judiciary with regards to creation of the anticorruption court. The Parliament passed two amendments that fix the appeals problem, created by previously adopted law on the Higher Anticorruption Court (HACC). Namely, the Rada adopted the clause on transferring all cases under the HACC jurisdiction that are pending in trial or appellate courts for consideration to the HACC once it is launched. In addition, the appeals on first instance courts decisions in cases under the HACC jurisdiction also to be sent to the HACC after its establishment.

These provisions substitute previously adopted regulations, thus excluding any collision. All mentioned provisions were read out in the Parliament before voting and protocoled to exclude manipulations.

However, we are still waiting for the full final text of the law to be published to make conclusions and provide its comprehensive analysis.