The court didn’t approve house arrest for Shabunin and questioned his colleague

On October 26, Dniprovskyi District Court of Kyiv held regular hearing regarding the case against the head of board the Anti-Corruption Action Center Vitaliy Shabunin. At the beginning of the hearing the prosecutor demanded house arrest for Shabunin. The provocateur Filimonenko wore the mask with the face of the President Poroshenko.


The court refused to approve the prosecutor’s request regarding house arrest for Shabunin and questioned the defense witness – Tetyana Peklun, his colleague and until recent time Deputy Executive Director of the Anti-Corruption Action Center. She confirmed that the whole team of the AntAC considered Vsevolod Filimonenko as the provocateur. They did not consider him as a journalist.

Peklun was near the building of Dnipro Military Enlistment Office of Kyiv in June 2018. She administered aid to Vitaliy after pseudo journalist Filimonenko sprayed pepper-ball into him. It should be noted that after the incident between Shabunin and assistant of the Radical Party MP Vsevolod Filimonenko near the Military Enlistment Office, pseudo journalist continued to persecute and provoke the anti-corruption fighter.

We should recall that the incident happened on June 8, 2017. The so-called “journalist” provoked Shabunin. The latter punched Filimonenko in the face for insulting his colleague, whom Filimonenko moved to tears. Events took place near the Military Enlistment Office, where Shabunin arrived in response to a military subpoena.

In a while after a hustle, safe and sound provocateur ran up to Shabunin and sprayed pepper-ball into him. Tetyana accompanied Vitaliy to hospital. He had received chemical burn of eyes.

One and a half month after the incident, Shabunin received the notice of suspicion regarding infliction of bodily injuries to Filimonenko. However, in the case regarding attack with pepper-ball and chemical burn of Vitaliy’s eyes, no notices of suspicion were presented.

Filimonenko calls himself a journalist. However, he is more famous for his provocations than journalist’s materials.

Earlier, Filimonenko persecuted and provoked Shabunin, his relatives and team members. In particular, in April 2017 he persecuted Vitaliy’s mother-in-law near his house, as well as Vitaliy himself in the center of Kyiv.

In May 2017, Filimonenko and two other men met the AntAC’s board member Oleksandra Ustinova at Boryspil airport when she returned from her vacation. They moved Ustinova to tears, and also provoked her partner for the fight.

Moreover, Tetyana Peklun is familiar with Vsevolod Filimonenko’s activities since his work and shameful exclusion from the civic movement Chesno, where she was one of the founders.

In particular, in 2012, Vsevolod Filimonenko was excluded from Chesno movement due to violation of principles and neglect of values of the public initiative. It became known that Filimonenko demanded 3,000 EUR from Lugansk candidates for Members of Parliament for not submitting information about them in ChesnoMetr.

During the court hearing on October 26, the prosecutor Rusnak filed a request asking for a new restrictive measure for Vitaliy Shabunin, namely house arrest for 60 days. The judge rejected this request.

We should recall that Shabunin is charged of Part 2 Article 345-1 of the Criminal Code – “threat or violence against a journalist”, namely: “intentional infliction for a journalist […] medium grave bodily injuries due to performance by this journalist of his lawful professional activity”. The head of the board of the AntAC could be punished by limitation of liberty or deprivation of liberty for up to five years.

The court appointed three hearings for December 2018. The next court hearing will be held on December 18 at 14.00.

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