Sytnyk’s “well-advertised report” at the Rada anticorruption committee

On Monday October 1 morning numerous advertisements appeared all over Kyiv metro, announcing NABU’s chief Artem Sytnyk’s participation in the Rada anticorruption committee hearing on October 3 in order “to reveal top corrupt officials”. NABU dissociated themselves from this campaign and commented it was a provocation.

When Sytnyk arrived to the Parliament, a rally led by provocateur Vsevolod Filimonenko was waiting outside the building. Some “protesters” were holding these same metro posters and simultaneously called on Sytnyk to “stop doing PR.”

Three NABU auditors also arrived.

During a hearing, Sytnyk hinted that Poroshenko’s block MP Sergiy Berezenko stands behind the ‘advertisement’ campaign, while the First deputy head of the Security Service of Ukraine Pavlo Demchyna – behind the rally near the Rada.

Sytnyk informed that the auditing commission hasn’t yet started its work, though NABU is open to provide them with all the necessary information.

NABU director also commented on the Rotterdam plus formula that the investigation is ongoing, and the economic expertise has to be appointed. According to economic assessments already conducted, due to groundless use of this formula around 540 million USD were illegally charged.

He added that the case against former head of the Central Electoral Commission Mykhailo Okhendovskyi is stalled by the SAPO.

Also, upon recently released journalistic investigation, NABU opened a criminal proceeding regarding deputy head of the Foreign Intelligence Service Serhii Semochko.