Roman Maselko: If you criticize the authorities, say goodbye to attorney’s license

Roman Maselko on Facebook:

On September 20, I will explain the following at the meeting of the Qualifications and Disciplinary Bar Commission of Lviv region:

  • why I criticize the judicial reform in my videoblog on Channel 24, which is called “New Way Of Doing Justice” (Pravosuddia Po-Novomu)
  • why I support the judge whistle-blower Larysa Golnyk
  • why I issued reference letter for the judge whistle-blower Serhii Bondarenko
  • and the icing on the cake – am I the secret agent of the NABU?

It looks like the joke, but these four points are the grounds for new appeal against me as the attorney. They say that this is violation of the Bar Association Rules.

You could have laugh at it, if on May 24, the Qualifications and Disciplinary Bar Commission of Lviv region had not already issued me the warning regarding this post on Facebook By the way, the post is not really related to my activities as attorney

The new appeal appeared in 5 days from the moment I got the warning. Everything is quite simple – they want to show that I systematically violate attorney’s ethics and deprive me of the license.

Taking into account the fact that I was issued the warning, it becomes clear that the Qualifications and Disciplinary Bar Commission and especially the High Qualifications and Disciplinary Bar Commission play into the hands of appellants and the prospect of deprivation of the license is quite real.

Someone called Aliyev, represented by Daria Koziy, filed the previous appeal against me. These are partners of the lawyer Oleksiy Shevchuk. And Koziy is also the head of fake NGO Reanimation Package of Reforms

The new appeal was filed by the Court Reporters Association of Ukraine, which addressed to the Member of Parliament Ihor Popov, who had already addressed Ukrainian National Bar Association.

The founders of this association is Information agency Zrada LLC which is the “trash bin media” with help of which activists are systematically dragged through the mud. And NGO Non-indifferent citizens, whose founder is the same O. Shevchuk.

It is interesting that an appeal to the MP was filed on May 29, 2018.

Popov has already filed the appeal to the Ukrainian National Bar Assosiation on May 31, 2018, the latter received it on June 01, 2018. And on September 20, 2018, there will be meeting of the Qualifications and Disciplinary Bar Commission. Quite effectively

It is obvious that all these attacks are not intended to protect the attorney’s ethics. This is one of areas of the large-scale campaign of persecution of activists in order to make them silent and punish for active public actions.

It is symbolic that this happened after the President introduced to the Verkhovna Rada the new Draft Law “On Attorneys and Attorney’s Activity”.

It is interesting whether I can take part in its discussion as the attorney or not

I will not be silent, even if they deprive me of the license.

And I will fight for the attorney’s right for independence and freedom of speech. P.S. By the way, the son of the head of the Qualifications and Disciplinary Bar Commission of Lviv region Strepko Nazar Lyubomyrovych, judge, on September 10, will pass qualification assessment at the High Qualifications Commission of Judges