Poroshenko’s party MPs blocked the initiative to request dismissal of scandalous intelligence official

On October 17 Rada anticorruption committee was supposed to initiate an appeal to the President requesting dismissal of scandalous deputy head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine Serhii Semochko. However, 6 of 7 members of the committee from the Poroshenko’s party failed to attend the hearing. The only exception was Vadym Kryvokhatko, who, on the contrary, spoke in favor of suspending Semochko.

The Committee hearing was initiated as a follow-up to journalistic investigation conducted by bihus.info. It revealed that Semоchko and his family possess luxurious real estate worth more than 7 mln $ that could hardly be justified by their official incomes. Also journalists found out that close relatives of Semochko – Ukraine’s top intelligence official – are actually Russian citizens.

Leadership of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and the Foreign Intelligence Service, who participated in the committee hearing, claimed they see no reasons for suspending Semochko from office. Neither they were able to present any results of internal investigations regarding Semochko’s relatives with Russian passports or their unjustified assets.