Odesa Court Fully Acquitted Mayor Trukhanov in the Case of the Kraian Factory

Malynovskyi District court of Odesa fully acquitted Gennadiy Trukhanov, City Mayor of Odesa, and his associates charged with seizure of 92 million UAH when the City Council purchased the buildings of the Kraian factory at an overstated price.

Passing such a decision by the court, despite the Mayor’s Office purchasing buildings at the price 43 times higher than their initial value, is caused by finding a large number of prosecution evidence inadmissible. The court considers that the NABU detectives violated the provisions of the procedural law during a number of procedural actions.

“The acquittal of Trukhanov in Odesa Court was an annoying irreversibility. We did not expect any other decision from this court. But the main thing at the moment is to secure a fair appeal in the High Anticorruption Court (HACC)”,   – Olena Shcherban, member of AntAC Board says.

Maksym Kravchenko and Valentyn Musiiaka, the prosecutors of the Specialized Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office, demanded 12 years of imprisonment for Truhanov, 11 years for his deputy Pavlo Vuhelman and lawyer Ihor Kravchenko each. 7 to 10 year imprisonment was demanded for other persons under investigation.

In addition, prosecutors asked to apply to all accused the prohibition to hold positions in the state governmental bodies and local self-government for 3 years with the confiscation of property.

Prosecutors will have 30 days to appeal the verdict to the Court of Appeal of Odesa Oblast. Instead, if the Court of Appeal does not have time to consider the case by September 5, the case will be transferred to the Appeals Chamber of the HACC.

An interesting fact: among judges of the Court of Appeal of Odesa Oblast there is the father of Serhii Cherevko, head of panel of judges that heard Trukhanov’s case.

For reference, in 2016, Odesa City Council, headed by Trukhanov, bought the buildings of the former Kraian factory for 185 million UAH – 43 times more expensive than just 3 months before they were acquired by the “shell company”.

Since the beginning of 2019, the court has been hearing the case at a frantic pace, postponing other proceedings. However, the need of the SAPO prosecutors to review the criminal charges made it impossible to pass the verdict in spring.

According to the charges, the amount of money misappropriated by the persons under investigation as a result of the purchase at a significantly overstated price of Kraian building was declared to be halved – 92 million UAH instead of 185 million UAH.

This was done in order to simplify the charges, removing from it the argument about the inexpediency of buying a building for Odesa Mayor’s Office. This very argument could have been decimated in court.