Naftogaz singed an agreement for gas supply with new managing company of two arrested thermal power plants in Lviv region

Officials of three companies “Energia-Novyi Rozdil Ltd”, “Energia Novoyavorivsk Ltd” and “Energia Ltd”, which were running two thermal power plants “Novoyavorivska TPP” and “Novorozdilska TPP”, are suspected by NABU in misappropriation of 300 million cubic meters of natural gas. This caused state losses exceeding 1,4 billion UAH. Beneficial owners of all these companies are MPs Yaroslav and Bogdan Dubnevych from Poroshenko’s block. 

The companies were misappropriating gas supplied by “Naftogaz” at discounted prices for the needs of households. Instead, companies were using this underpriced gas for their own commercial purposes.

In order to stop further theft, upon NABU appeal, the court arrested both plants and transferred them to the Asset Recovery and Management Agency for management.

On October 23, “Naftogaz” signed an agreement for natural gas supply with new managing company of both thermal power plants. New managing company is “Garant Energo M”, previously selected by the ARMA. “Naftogaz” fully complied with the obligations imposed by the government decree as of October 10, 2018.
This is a result achieved due to consolidated efforts of NABU, ARMA and “Naftogaz.”

Both thermal energy plants were arrested by the court upon the appeal of NABU and transferred to ARMA in August 2018. The investigation found out these plants were directly used to commit a crime by their officials. Hence in order to prevent the possibility of damage, destruction or alienation of property, it was arrested.

Nevertheless, NABU and ARMA faced physical resistance and reluctance of the former managers to allow an independent company to run power plants. Both ARMA and new managing company made all steps necessary not only to preserve the assets and their value, but also to provide services, specifically generate heat energy. The managing company obtained necessary licences for production of heat energy and electricity, concluded agreements with “Naftogas” for unobstructed supply of gas, did arrangements for subsequent supply of heat energy to households and budget institutions in Novoyavorivsk and Novyi Rozdil.