MPs want to abolish notices of significant changes in the property status

There was registered in the Verkhovna Rada a draft law aimed at lifting public officials of obligation to e-declare significant changes in their property status. The bill was initiated by MP Serhii Shahov from the party Volya Narodu.

In case this draft law is adopted, declarants will no longer have to submit information on their income or purchase of property exceeding 50 living wages (1,762 UAH) into the Electronic Declarations Register. To date, one reports changes in property status that exceed 88,000 UAH. Moreover, the bill suggests releasing from administrative responsibility people who fail to report property status changes.

Therefore, when a declarant buys apartments, cars, elite watches or even clothes, they will no longer have to declare a purchase within 10 days, as the Law requires now. All changes in the declaration would be seen only once a year, when an official or an MP would submit a new declaration.

“With this draft law Members of Parliament want to allow everyone not to show their income or expenses during the year if they exceed 88,000 UAH which they have to declare now,- explains Denys Svyrydenko, AntAC lawyer. – For example, we will not be able to track tremendous bonuses issued by state officials or elite apartments and cars which they buy and which immediately become subjects of journalistic investigations or criminal proceedings. This is the first step towards the destruction of transparency of electronic declarations.”

For example, without reports on changes in the property status, it would not have been known when the accountant of General Prosecutor’s wife sold 8 apartments in the capital to MP Glib Zagoriy from Poroshenko’s block. In particular, this happened after journalists released information about expensive real estate, formally registered in the name of accountant of Lutsenko family.

Also, it would not become known right away that MP Igor Kotvytskyi (Narodnyi Front) bought 5 pieces of clothing and accessories worth of more than 600,000 UAH. Generally, elite watches and clothes are quite common examples of changes in the property status. For example, recently Chief Doctor of Vinnytsya Regional Oncology Dispensary bought gold bracelet worth 300,000 UAH and a ring worth 100,000 UAH. Deputy Head of the National Bank bought a watch worth 260,000 UAH.

Here is another hot example: it became known from the Register of Declarations that SAPO Head Nazar Kholodnytskyi, who went on July 30 on vacation for more than one month, received almost half a million UAH vacation allowance. And, moreover, he lent more than 600,000 UAH to his deputy Volodymyr Kryvenko. The latter used this money to buy an apartment, which costs over 2 million UAH.