Anticorruption court updates

On December 15 the President of Ukraine promised to submit to the Parliament his draft law on the anticorruption court. However, he once again conditioned submission of his draft law on decision of the Parliament to withdraw the draft law #6011 on the anticorruption court. Previously for three times the Parliament unsuccessfully considered withdrawal of this draft, and each time half or more Poroshenko’s Bloc’s MPs failed to support the issue.

However, there were cases when the President submitted his draft laws despite the fact that similar draft law was already registered in the Parliament. For example, the President registered his draft law on abolishing parliamentary immunity disregarding similar draft law of 158 MPs; moreover, presidential draft law was immediately considered without any concerns on violation of the Rules of the Procedure. Therefore, draft law #6011 is now used by the president and his faction as a pretext to postpone submission of new draft law as recommended by the Venice Commission.

Still, it is preliminary agreed that the Parliament will once again consider withdrawal of the draft law #6011 on Tuesday, December 19.

Upcoming draft law from the president has not been publicly presented or discussed yet.