Anticorruption CSOs appeal against President’s decision on appointment of Zhebrivskyi as NABU auditor

Anticorruption Action Centre, Transparency International Ukraine and AutoMaidan filed a lawsuit against President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko regarding appointment of Pavlo Zhebrivskyi as an auditor of National Anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine upon President’s quota in violation of law.

Activists call on for depriving Zhebrivskyi of this position by cancelation of the President’s Decree. According to Article 26 of the current Law “On the National Anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine”, NABU’s auditor must have work experience in law enforcement agencies, judicial bodies abroad or in international organizations. Newly appointed auditor has no such experience, according to his official biography. And soon he confirmed this information to journalists.

“Appointment of NABU auditor in violation of the law calls into question the entire audit result. His authority along with the whole audit conclusion could be easily appealed in court, – pointed out Vitaliy Shabunin, the Head of the Board of the Anticorruption Action Centre – “The auditor cannot be a tool for reprisal against an anticorruption body, that is already hated by many politicians”, – he added.

Yaroslav Yurchyshyn, Executive Director of Transparency International Ukraine said: “The President did not take an opportunity to appoint a respected international expert with the work experience of auditing law enforcement agencies under his quota. It is regretful, but this is his right and his choice. However, we still insist that all members of the auditing commission should comply with the prescribed requirements of the law.”

For reference: On 19th June Petro Poroshenko signed the decree on Zhebrivskyi appointment to the position of the NABU auditor. According to mass media information, Zhebrivskyi is the long-time Petro Poroshenko’s associate. In the early 2000s Pavlo Zhebrivskyi became first deputy of the current President in “Solidarnist” political party. Apparently, this circumstance enabled him to head Zhytomyr Oblast State Administration in April of 2005, and then, in 2015, to become chief of department of the Prosecutor General’s Office.

It is also worth recalling, that the negative audit conclusion is the only legitimate basis for extraordinary dismissal of the acting NABU’s director, and reducing available budget resources of the law enforcement agencies.

The audit must be conducted by a commission to which one representative shall be delegated by the Government, the Parliament and the President of Ukraine.